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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Android device

Android has emerged as one of the most widely used smart- phone and tablet operating systems these days. With Android Rooting, users can increase the productivity of their Android- powered device. It provides the users with Rooting Access, also known as Privileged Control within Android’s subsystem.

All smart phone manufacturers as well as carrier providers put some restrictions/ limitations on the device which can be overcome with Android Rooting. Rooting is often confused with the Jail- breaking done in Apple’s iOS devices but these are two entirely different concepts.


However, if you are wondering if you should root your Android device or not, let me be very clear that there are few advantages as well as disadvantages related to Android Rooting.

Advantages of Rooting:

  1. Ability to run special applications

Rooting makes it possible for you to run special applications on your Android device which otherwise require root access to run on your devices. While regular applications are limited to certain features only, rooted applications have extended usability and features.

  1.  Free and extended internal storage

Once you have rooted your device, you can transfer any application present in the internal memory of your device to the SD card. This comes handy in case your device’s internal storage capacity is less.

  1.  Ability to run Custom ROMs

Probably the most common reason why people prefer Android Rooting is because it gives them the option to install as well as run custom ROMs on their Android powered smart phones and tablets. Custom ROMs are known to increase the productivity of your device as well as fix a number of performance issues. Their batteries are updated more frequently as compared to stock ROMs and they definitely have optimized performance.

Rooting also boosts the battery life and gives you the option to have your very own personalized Android smart phone/ tablet. You can block the advertisements that certain applications bring along with them and also sport your very own Android kernel.

Disadvantages of Rooting:

  1. You lose your Android device’s warranty

The main reason why one should reconsider Android Rooting is because your device loses its warranty on doing this. Even if your device is in its warranty period and anything happens to your device after rooting, the company will not take any responsibility for the damage and you will be required to pay the cost of repairs. Very few devices come with the option of un- rooting but most of the phones cannot go back to its previous state.

  1.  Risk of your phone getting bricked

No matter how helpful and demonstrative a rooting tutorial is, there is always risk of bricking your Android smart phone in case you miss any steps or access any corrupt zip file. Rooting has to be done carefully as it is always risky to attempt something that the manufacturing company does not appreciate or support.

Android Rooting surely comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages, but it is surely worth the risk if you manage to root it perfectly. Also, it is entirely up to the users if they are satisfied with their device’s performance or if they want to extend its usability and features by rooting it.

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