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Android Customization Made Easy With Xposed Framework

Customize Android Phone with Xposed Framework – There are plenty of ways to customize android phone, tablet. You can use Android launchers which will change the interface, looks of your smartphone or get root access on your device by following rooting tutorials. With the help of rooting your android phone, you can not only change look of your device but also increase the performance to its peak. There are many advantages of rooting any android device and we have listed some advantages of rooting android phone on our blog.xposed-framework-for-android

While many people love to use Custom ROM’s on their android phone after rooting, few prefer sticking with the stock firmware. It’s fine to love the stock firmware which comes with your android phone as it is stable and most of us are used to it but you can do minor customizations on your phone if you are not willing to install custom ROM.

So What can you do??

The Answer is Simple. Use Xposed Framework!!!

Xposed Framework is an application which you can use on your rooted android phones. To use this application, all you need is root access and you are ready to customize android phone.

The Advantages of using Xposed Framework:-

There are plenty, and we have listed some of these below.

  • Change the look of stock ugly status bar, as by using different xposed modules you will be able to change color of icons and even place clock in the middle.
  • Set applications to open in full-screen mode.
  • Disable automatic sleep while reading articles.
  • 180 Degree Rotation Activation.
  • Set DPI for each application.
  • And much more….

You can achieve this with best xposed modules and without installing any custom ROM.

Tell me something more about Xposed Framework

Xposed is nothing but a framework and won’t change anything on your mobile. But, But you said we can customize android with it!!!

Yes, we can, but in order to do that we have to use best xposed modules as this framework won’t do any customization by default. There are different xposed modules which you can use for changing appearance, system settings and much more. If you are familiar with writing modules, you can write your own without waiting for the developers to release best xposed modules.

Excited much now, Are we? Let’s begin with the process which you have to follow to use Xposed Installer on Android Phone.

First of all you have to make sure that your Android phone or tablet is rooted. You can follow rooting tutorials on our website for the same. Once you are sure, you have to install framework on your device and to do that you have to download Xposed Installer app. Post installation of this app, open it and grant root permissions. Once the app is opened, tap on Install/Update option and wait for some time. You will see a Success Message. Finish off by tapping on Reboot button.

xposed framework

A pic of how Xposed Installer will look like. In order to update the Framework you can use the OTA update feature available in Xposed Installer.

Once you are done with installing Xposed Installer, you have to download best Xposed modules. One of the best things about these modules is that they don’t do any changes in system files but in memory of your phone. In case anything goes wrong you can simple disable it and your device will be back to normal.

If things go wrong with your custom ROM, you have to flash that ROM back again or play with the factory image. Xposed is cool, Really Cool!!!!

To download best xposed modules you have to tap on Search icon and write name of module which you are willing to use. Browsing modules is really easy as all you have to do is scroll up or down, check reviews by other members and install the module which you find suitable.best xposed modules

After downloading the module, you are required to enable it (by tapping on check box) and then restart your phone. Module will only activate if you have rebooted your device.

download xposed framework

Application Settings

All the apps on our device are having different settings. With Xposed, you can set different key settings for individual apps. As mentioned before, you will be able to force start app in full screen mode which will hide status bar, screen saver one and more…..

Speed up Android with Xposed

To remove all the lags or decrease the booting time of your device you can use BootManager. With Boot Manager, you can specify applications which you want to restrict while a system boots. Select the apps which you want to restrict by tapping on them and you have just speed up android booting process.

Application settings

Last but Not the Least – Xblast Tools

Few features which you will find in Custom ROM’s in common are Kill all button, setting clock in center. You can achieve that now in your android phone without installing any ROM. Xblast tools come into play as you can rotate your screen to 180 degrees, get transparent status, put clock in the middle and do many other customizations.


Xposed Framework is one of the best things which has come to Android. As one can easily root android phone, Xposed Framework is like icing on the cake for flashers. We hope that new best xposed modules are developed by developers which bring more customization options.

What are your views are this framework? Are you using it? Share your views with us using the comments section below and get in touch with us using our Facebook Page.

Credits:- MakeUseOf

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